EDM Advance EDM Drill Advance EDM Drill Details
Product Detail
Parameters Unit Advance EDM Drill
The clamping range mm Ø 0.2- Ø 3.0
Stroke mm 280
Axis Servo Stroke mm 380
Axis max.Speed mm/min 2200
Rotating head (C axis) speed rpm 0~500 Adjustable
Work table size mm 440 X 320
X *Y stroke mm 400 X 300
Max. distance between guide and working table mm 320
Max.working current A 40A
Enter the max.Power kw 4.5
Power supply input mode v/hz 380/50
Digital display mode 3 Axis
The max. working pressure mpa 12
Max.loading kg 300
Size ( W X L X H) mm 1000 X 1000 X1900
Weight of machine Kg 850

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