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Fiber laser cutting machine
Unique Features

Yawei, No.1 Brand in China and globally for its high quality and high performance technology solutions. Yawei manufactures CNC turret punches, CNC press brakes, CNC shears, and Coil Metal Processing such as Cut to Length lines and slitting lines. China's high quality manufacturer. Controller from Siemens.

Product Detail
Item Unit CFFP-3015B CFFP-3015D
Processing range mm 3000 X 1500 3000 X 1500
X axis stroke mm 3000 3000
Y axis stroke mm 1500 1500
Z axis stroke mm 100 300
X fast moving speed m/min 80 80
Y fast moving speed m/min 80 80
Max.acceleration m/s2 0.8g 0.8g
Postioning precision mm 0.05 0.05
Re-positioning precision mm 0.03 0.03
Max.load of worktable kg 500 500
Dimensions ( A *B*C*H) mm 5100*4100*2500*2150 8840*4460*2888*2240
Weight kg 4000 5500