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PSGO Over Arm Series

Proth Industrial Co. Ltd., Taiwan, established in 1980, manufactures about 800 machines every year.Recognized for its excellence, Proth is dedicated to researching and developing the most comprehensive range of surface grinders available.

Proth manufactures machines with table sizes ranging from 200 x 400 mm to 1900 x 6150 mm. The company also specializes in manufacturing horizontal rotary table surface grinder machines. Table diameter of these horizontal rotary surface grinders range from 600 - 1500 mm.

Product Detail
60150AHR 75150AHR 75220AHR 75300AHR
General Capacity Max. travel (cross x longitudinal) 660x1650mm 810x1650mm 810x2350mm 810x3150mm
Spindle center height from table 700(950)mm
Max height from table top to bottom of standard wheel 522mm
Grinding surface of table 600x1500mm 750x1500mm 750x2200mm 750x3000mm
Longitudinal Movement Hydraulic table speed 1-25m/min
Cross Movement
Intermittent cross feed-approx.(Electro-mechanical) 0.1-15mm/feed
Continuous cross feed-approx.(Electro-mechanical) 2000mm/min(50Hz),2400mm/min(60Hz)
Hand feed per revolution 5mm
Hand feed per division 0.02mm
Vertical Downfeed Rapid traverse approx.(option) 240mm/min
Hand feed per revolution 0.25mm
Hand feed per division 0.0025mm
Grinding Wheel Dimension(O.D x W x I.D) 355x50x127mm
Spindle speed(50/60Hz) 1500/1800 r.p.m.

The Specifications and information above-mentioned may be changed without prior notice.
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