Tayor is China's largest manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment; they are the leader of CNC cutting machine manufacturing industry in China. Tayor provides users with the optimal solution of CNC cutting systems, their equipment sales peers in the industry ahead. They have the largest welding and cutting equipment manufacturing industrial park. Tayor has a set of cutting and welding equipment, welding quality supplier of material production as one of the whole industry chain.

Product Detail
Cutting Pipe Diameter (mm) 50-630 60-800 100-1000 200-1250
Pipe length(mm)  2000-12000
Cutting Thickness(mm) Plasma:1-40mm
Plasma max beveling angle ≤45°
Flame max beveling angle ≤60°
Pipe Chuck 3 jaws chuck
Cutting Mode Plasma/Flame
Number of Control Axis 06-Mar
Driving Motor Panasonic
Controller Advantech
Plasma Power Victor,  Kjellberg,  Hypertherm, ESAB

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