Shanghai Shanjia Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to sealing solutions, the company is a polymer sealing and gluing gating system, feeding equipment, automation equipment and services provider. The main products are polyurethane foam machine, sealing dispenser, butyl rubber coating machine, coating machines and other electrical cabinet sealing equipment, chassis cabinets are widely used in automotive, sheet metal, locks, electronic, electrical cabinet seal lighting seal, seal air conditioning and refrigeration, air purifiers, filters and other industries.

Product Detail
The Linear mechanical arm technical Parameters
3-axis running distance X:2250 Y:1250mm Z:200mm
Max. translation speed 30000mm/min
Max. accelerated speed 5000m/s2
Relocation accuracy ±0.05
Bearing Weight 500kg (X)
Rated power 4KW
Average power 3KW
Mixing Head parameters
Overall dimension 3650mm X2980mm X 2150 mm(L X W X H)
Component pressure 0-20 bar/component
Output quantity 0.3g/s-5g/s
Feeding Accuracy 0.01g
Mixing head weight About 3.5kg
Mixing rate From 1:1 to 10:1
Total weight 1600kg

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